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I went to a cannabis retreat for grown-ass women

Oprah Daily

“I had driven six hours in the rain to attend a weed retreat for women over 30 in upstate New York, where recreational marijuana has been legal since 2021. I’m fairly new to cannabis—I started using it during the pandemic to curb my spiraling anxiety and the stifling boredom of being indoors around the clock. I wasn’t sure what to expect—would everyone else be longtime smokers or total potheads? But I soon found out that half of our intimate group had never smoked before. The unlimited menu of curated offerings, from THC seltzers to artisan pre-rolled joints scented with lemongrass or lavender, would soon change that. Guests were free to try what they liked, whenever they liked, with suggested pairings, explanations, and advice readily available.”

let’s take to the clouds

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