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cannabis beverage brands capitalized on dry january interest

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One of the biggest selling points of cannabis-infused drinks is that they allow people to socialize with a drink in hand while they’re abstaining from alcohol. In turn, dispensaries carrying these products anecdotally noticed an uptick in their beverage offerings during the new year period… Prior to launching a cannabis business, Ayrloom’s parent company was making a hard cider beverage called 1911 from its family-owned apple orchard. “Every January, we’d see a decline in [hard cider] sales as people did their Dry January,” Brennan said. “We did feel a threat to the alcohol business as a lot of consumer habits were changing.” This led the company to invest in its beverage operations to reach people cutting back on drinking alcohol, which is gradually becoming a bigger part of the overall business. Now, Ayrloom wants to use moments of increased interest in THC drinks to reach new customers. “From January to January, last year we saw about a 100% year-over-year growth in our DTC business,” Brennan said.

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